Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fact About Lee Min Ho

Facts and Events Funny About Lee Min Ho. For those of you a big fan of Lee Min Ho, Korean handsome artist turns this one has some funny facts and events experienced from childhood until now. Curious to know some funny facts Lee Min Ho? This time I will give you some facts and Genesis Funny About Lee Min Ho.
Facts and Events Funny About Lee Min Ho:
  •      Lee Min Ho wanted to vacation in Bali. In an interview with MBC TV, Lee Min Ho said: "I'd love to go on an excursion with the family to the hot climates such as Bali or maybe New Caledonia again.
  • Lee Min Ho is classified as an intelligent student. Consistent mathematical value above 90. Lessons sport has always got an A.
  •     Lee Min Ho likes to play computer and online games. He is also active in cyberspace. This is evident from his Cyworld and Twitter are quite active. But now the schedule Lee Min Ho is very not allow to play in cyberspace.
  •      Lee Min Ho small classified saving children. He always set aside allowance amounted to 100 thousand won (about 800 thousand dollars) to save. Now, Lee Min Ho can buy anything with their own income.
  •      Lee Min Ho smoke but not a heavy smoker.
  •      Lee Min Ho fan of Leonardo Di Caprio and aspiring Hollywood films.
  •      Although currently filming BBF he prefers to sleep than eat, Lee Min Ho is actually like snacking.
  •      Lee Min Ho may opt in or not Korea's military service in his country, because he was the only son in his family.
  •      He began his career as a model.
  •      Before filming Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho perming her hair up to five times to get the hair style of Goo Jun Pyo. Actually Min Ho did not like this kind of hair style and dress F4 who thinks too formal.
  •      Good friends with Jung Il Woo. When asked about his first impression when meeting with Il Woo, Min Ho replied, laughing, "His face was like a woman."
  •      Min Ho likes to read the newspaper. He first learned Hangul (Korean letters) of ad colorful writing on paper. She also likes to comment on the news in the newspaper while still in elementary school.
  •      Such as Goo Jun Pyo, in real life Min Ho did not know how to swim. The time was 6 years old, he was going to learn swimming after mother and sister assured him. But Min Ho nonetheless insisted on wearing a life vest and goggles while swimming.
  •        When celebrating the birthday-22, he got a fancy gift in the form of laptops from fans.
  •      Once rumored to be going out with a line of cute actress like Kang Min Kyung (Davichi), Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won and Choi Eun Seo.
  •      Got a special call during school, namely "the dark face" because one side of the dark skin while SD, called "bones" because he was too skinny in junior high, and was called "devil" in high school for being too naughty.
  •      The decision to become an actor Lee Min Ho was in high school second grade, when he was thinking about his future.
  •      His preparation time debut, when he grade 3 high school he was introduced and signed a contract with the label. After that he studied acting from Lee Jae Yong and plans to seek the experience of auditioning.
  •     Lee Min Ho's first love was the age of 20 years with a college friend.
  •      Lee Min Ho admitted that he was the last cry was at the age of 20 in the summer. At that time he had a car accident together with Jung II Woo and some other friends.
  •      The worst experience when he was taken to the hospital by ambulance when using accident.
  •      Habit is that he likes to talk while sleeping.
  •      If given the choice and making priorities, first he will choose his new love and friendship.
  •      Type of Lee Min Ho's ideal woman is a gentle woman like Song Hye Kyo.
  •      Motto in life Adalaj "Do your best in all things"
  •      Min Ho is not strong drink. Limit alcohol which he tolerated is 2 beers or 4 cups of soju.
  •      When filming, Lee Min Ho prefers to sleep than eat.
  •      Lee Min Ho likes snacking.
  •      Min Ho classified as child-efficient. He always set aside allowance amounted to 100 thousand won for savings. Now he can buy anything with their own income.
  •      Lee Min Ho including Koreans who may choose to join or not join military service, because he only a son in his family. Because according to the rules, every child son in Korea should be conscripted unless he only one son child in family.
  •      Payday Lee Min Ho is currently playing Personal Taste is 60 billion won for 16 episodes. 
  •      Lee Min Ho has some plastic surgery on her face such as nose job, botox and rhynoplasty

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