Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fans Furious Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Appearance is the number one for actress Kim Kardashian. Reality star Shoy Keeping Up With The Kardashians was rumored to have visited the plastic surgeon to remove strech marks or streaks in her breasts,Hollywoodlife launch, not only streaks in her breasts removed, but also in his hand by using a laser. All was done in preparation for biting in the aisle with her fiancé, Kanye West.Model born in Los Angeles, USA, October 21, 1980 was admitted streaks in her breasts due to breastfeeding her first child, the North West, the result of a relationship with Kanye West. While strokes are caused scars on his hands.Action Kim Kardashian plastic surgery actually not approved by his fans. Previously, some fans began voicing those concerns through social media.I was so upset, the fans even posted 6 photos Kim's face changes when appearing on a talk show that is taken in a different time.Photos are posted to the account of Kim on Friday last week, clearly wants to remind Kardashian "that plastic surgery does not always make people so love.All photos taken during a guest star Kim Jay Leno talk show, since he first performed a guest star, basketball player Kris Humpries divorced until after childbirth."Your face (Kim) a lot of change," wrote the account ownersarapdiamond. "Your face is getting worse, but used to be very beautiful," quippedabeeralmarkzouki. "What happened with Kim's face! He used to look beautiful, "wrote @ nyc_rose24.

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